A February Post that was lost from this site: Groundhog Day!

Such a wild month and I can’t believe I am so remiss. My website is still an issue, but my person is working on that to resolve.

The Fort Wayne house is still for sale and I know the right person is out there! My new business is steadily growing and as it grows, my extra weight is coming off–thanks to some fabulous products.

The travel business is picking up, but it is that time of year! Space is still available for you Spring Breakers, so don’t delay! Don’t have a week? I can do less than or more than! I am < or > lol!

The restaurant is off the hook and I am still looking for reliable servers that are personable and can make it to an interview as the last two scheduled have not been able to find there way. Seriously. It’s ok though as that is usually a good indication of a work effort or lack there of. If you know of anyone looking for flexible hours, let me know…

Rambling thoughts on this chilly Saturday and thoughts that need to be shared. I woke up this morning smelling smoke, so Rosey the Wonder Dog and I did a lap and determined we weren’t on fire. When you live in a part of a 10,000 square foot building and have been part of an arson, you don’t sleep well. EVER. I think the neighbor had tossed a new aromatic piece on his fire and it had finally reached my world.

I am awfully glad to see the glowing orb in the sky. I get a little punchy with some sunlight depravity issues and it’s been the longest gray I can remember. My darling nephew has recently told me about a little light that would be helpful, so I will investigate that. Available at COSTCO, so if any of other friends have those issues–it is available! Because of current location and schedule, I will, of course, be checking Amazon.

Which leads me to Groundhog Day. A German folklore tradition tied in end of Candlemas Day when the church would bless and distribute candles for winter. The Germans needed a good weather indicator, of course a hibernating rodent would be logical. When these folks migrated to Pennsylvania, the tradition continued and the first Groundhog Day, at Gobbler’s Knob, took place in 1887. This festivity has now grown to a 3 day event with tens of thousands of people attending and a good part of them probably didn’t know it existed until the 1993 release of “Groundhog Day” and Bill Murray has some great lines.

Male groundhogs emerge from hibernation to find a mate and then go back underground until March. There’s a whole other blog right in that sentence.

So, now there are little groundhogs that live in luxury boxes and get pulled out and waved around to crazy crowds, full of lights and cameras. They don’t predict the weather and they don’t like it when they are misquoted. For example, last year Punxsutawney Phil was pulled from his slumber and presented Lion King style to the crowds. It was an overcast, cloudy, then rainy day and sunshine TV cameras are not, so when it was proclaimed that he “saw his shadow and there would be 6 more weeks of winter”, he did what any true non-verbal varmit would do and promptly chomped on the handler’s ear. I agree with him. If you are going to quote, get it right.

The story is, if the sun is out, he sees his shadow and it scares him back to his hole. But, if it is gray and miserable, life is good and Spring is on the way. I have such issues with this as a child as it wasn’t logical. If the sun is out, then there are birds and unicorns and frolic and Spring should be there AND if it is miserable he should go back to bed for a bit. The reality is, and I can prove it, no matter what–Spring is always 6 weeks away from 2 February. Go ahead–look it up–I will wait.

You see–6 weeks. Well, probably 6 weeks and a few days, but I digress. The robins have arrived in the frozen tundra of NE Indiana and they are somewhat reliable, although they are probably puffed up the size of a pigeon today. When they all arrive in a group, I have always wondered where they hang out when the weather gets bitter for a couple of days…..

For those of you wondering, Easter is the next big holiday after Spring Equinox and it has an ever changing date and I know why. Easter is observed on the first Sunday, after the full moon, after the Spring Equinox. So, first day of spring + full moon + Sunday = Easter. This is why it is early or late but never before the 20ish of March and never past the end of April!

So, now you are armed with more knowledge! If you have further questions–you know where to find me………….

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