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Oscar Night! I used to love Oscar night and what it represented. The glamour! The glitz! The stunning dresses! Happily, those are making a comeback!

Long before we had a color tv and the red carpet shows as now, my mom would make popcorn and we would settle in for a night of viewing and making our best guesses for “best” category winners. We would ooh and aah over the dresses and try to determine the color from the black and white set, based on fabric flow and hanging.

We would wonder who made the dress, how many fittings they had and how much it cost. As sewing people, these were all very important topics to discuss and our favorite designer was probably Bob Mackie as we saw so much of his work as the exclusive designer for Carol Burnett. Wardrobe malfunctions could not even be anticipated then, although in later years, I think Cher probably made me question even more!

I remember being 8 and so very perplexed by Marlon Brando. I was a huge “classic” movie fan even then and didn’t understand why he felt it necessary to take the “Oscar time” for a political statement. Then he did the unthinkable to my little brain. He REJECTED the Oscar. Not only did he reject an Oscar, he did it in typical Marlon Brando style and sent in a representative, Sasheen Littlefeather. Now, granted, George C. Scott had already did this 2 years prior, but he made his own speech and for his own reasons. You can google that too.

I still don’t understand that and before you start sending me messages about freedom of speech, Oscar night was always a time to celebrate your craft and your achievements and your fellow actors. There is a time and place for political opinions and I really don’t feel like any award platform is the correct time to pull out the soapbox.

Last night’s show was fairly uneventful. Jimmy Kimmel did an adequate job and the tour bus group had to be my favorite part. I haven’t researched whether it was a gag or not as it was too much fun to pop my bubble on that yet.
Until the very end. By now you know what happened, but for us diehard fans [I really contemplated not viewing this year because of the aforementioned political undertones], WE WATCH IT LIVE!

Clearly, there was a wrong envelope handed out and I know I saw Emma Stone leave with hers in her hand, whilst Oscar was clutched in the other. An hour later, I found out that Price Waterhouse had two full sets of envelopes.
For the record and you social media bombers #Warrendidn’tread and #BonniegunnedOscardown. Faye yanked the card out of Warren’s hand and saw Emma Stone’s name and assumed the unthinkable.

If she had only paused a minute to read the bottom of the card that was titled “Best Actress”. It was a real thing. Which begs the question, why aren’t the categories printed at the TOP of the cards so people don’t get excited and finish it off?
Clearly, mistakes were made and before anyone calls for the crucifixion of Price Waterhouse reps or the person they handed the envelope too, please remember, 1. These are human beings and capable of error and 2. Nobody died.
Gut wrenching. Yes.

An unfathomable deed? No. There are far more atrocities in the world and look at all the crazy press La La Land and Moonlight will be gathering from this. It’s amazing it has never happened before. After all, we are dealing with humans.

This leads me to my other favorite February event. The Westminster Dog Show.

Always the 2nd Tuesday in February, Westminster has been around longer than the Oscars.

It’s always live coverage too, but the judge, who announces the winner, has to sign a sheet and collect ribbons for presentation before announcing each group winner.

Hours of judging each specific best of breed of AKC dogs, which moves them into each group, Toy, Herding, Working, Hound, Non-Sporting , Sporting and Terrier. At the end, each winner of these category moves to the Best of Show judging and a winner is determined.

These furbees have long, fancy names and spend more time getting groomed and fluffed in between sessions more than any Hollywood Starlet.

They are not only judged for a 2 minute performance, but they are judged to a standard of breed that is sometimes centuries old. They don’t compete against each other; they are held to a standard of each specific breed. The judge of Best of Show is confined to his/her hotel room before they enter Madison Square to view the final contestants. He/she must have total recall of each dog’s standard and doesn’t know who the competitors are until they walk in. Over 2,700 hundred entrees this year.
The dogs know when to turn it on and turn it off and are very professional and responsive to the crowd. I have never witnessed bad behavior or any judges getting bitten. There are no scandals or wardrobe issues and the awards cup and ribbons are sometimes longer than the handlers.

Sometimes the handlers are the owners and the breeders. Sometimes the judges have raised a particular breed. These critters are part of the pack of their owners and their breed history is told, as well as some of the fun stories of particular dogs. It’s fun and Westminster has endured for longer than a lot of things and the only sporting event to run longer is the Kentucky Derby.
Anyone can purchase a ticket and attend Westminster and they cost less than most concert tickets in Fort Wayne.

The winners?

No prize money is ever awarded for the hours of devotion, training, grooming, traveling and hanging out.

And, yes, even our Rosey the Wonder Dog likes to watch both, but for the record– she snoozed out early last night…..

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