A Primer in the Police Notebook

In the current hamlet where we live, we have a great little paper that has been around for over a century and it has changed names and delivery processes as the world has progressed.  Printed six days a week, it is full of newsy things, the local sports, fun articles from across the county,  the county docket sheet from the Court proceedings and the magic of the Police Notebook that some days reads like a veritable who’s who of the area.

One of my older ladies was quite perturbed when she made the notebook for speeding.  Her ire did not lie with the issuing of the ticket–she was ticked because her age was printed in the notebook.  HA! I will probably be like that when I am still speeding at her secret decade!

We’re past Street Fair, which is always good for an increase in activity in the blotter and  subsequently the docket sheet.  Follow the trail of a  few activities that seem to travel with that week.  You diehard fans of this week–please no hate mail.  I merely write what I observe and I see a lot more than most people think exists.

Lately, the blotter has been fairly quiet, with the normal sort of activity.  The normal disturbances in the wee hours, an intoxicated man who was lying on the sidewalk that got a free ride home, couple of stolen wallets from unlocked cars.

That raises a few questions.

I personally know people who leave wallets in cars but I don’t understand the thought process.

There was a visit to a local apartment complex on the north side of town.  A resident kept hearing something that sounded like a siren and the officer also heard the noise but couldn’t locate the source.  What he did locate, from a neighboring apartment, was the scent of burning ganga, which got THAT tenant an arrest and charges.

I have a few of my own favorites from being a dedicated reader.  One being the couple that was caught in a sex act at the White Bridge Turnaround.  Since I am not from these parts and still use a GPS to travel to some unfamiliar destinations, I thought this location might have been one I saw by the river by the Gerber Bridge.  A drive that was down the hill and somewhat secluded from the road and probably wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow to have a car parked there in the middle of the afternoon.  River on one side, field of crops on the other.

Months later, I was recalling this story to my friend Louise and asked where the White Bridge Turnaround was.

She nearly spewed her Chardonnay.

Turns out the White Bridge Turnaround is the parking lot at the end of the River Greenway where lots of cars park for greenway walkers.

With their families….

For those also not familiar, this particular parking lot is in a corner bordered by a state road that overlooks it, a heavily traveled street that has a residential area on the south and the Greenway to the north.

Clearly, this leads me to my well used phrase: “I have questions”.

Why that location?  Too cheap for a hotel room?  Someone having an affair?  What on earth was going through their heads to think that a public parking lot with the proximity to cars and foot traffic would be a good idea?  What kind of vehicle as clearly there had to be some room…….

They’re lucky they didn’t charged with anything. Like indecent exposure….

Yes, the Police Notebook is varied but my all time favorite still remains the following:

The Police rushed to the aid of a man who had a home intruder and he had been able to capture him and contain him in the laundry room.  I can only imagine the scene when the police arrived–guns drawn and flinging open the laundry room door only to find the “intruder” was the very confused collie that was the beloved pet of the man. Turns out he was having a severe reaction to the addition of a new medication that didn’t mix well with his existing prescription.

That’s a side effect that the commercials don’t warn you about…….

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