What is it about a change of calendar?

Growing up, I loved seeing the new calendars arrive!  With joyful heart I would carefully flip through the months looking at all the photos first, then days of the important dates–birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Did Mom’s birthday fall on Mother’s Day this year?  Do I have the best month photo of the whole calendar? Usually not, as April months tended to show rain.  You know, April Showers Bring May Flowers…..

I had a calendar I loved so much when I was little that I am sure it is still in the closet at the farm.  Pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs dressed as people and doing all the things we tended to celebrate in animation form.  The detail was so great and this was always the mecca that all other calendars compared too.  January was snowy fun on sleds, February was all about the hearts and candy, while March was blustery kite flying, April the aforementioned rain with slickers and May highlighted with a May Pole.  As the months flipped by, it was happy and colorful and led to the parade of holidays highlighted and celebrated.

This had to be early stages of a planner as I recall it coming with stickers so the dates could be highlighted for each month.

Research this morning leads me to believe it might have been a Golden Book calendar.  Although I couldn’t find it online, Mel Crawford seemed to do a lot of illustrations for a variety of mediums.

Now those of you of generations that this doesn’t ring any bells of familiarity, Google it.  It will introduce you to a whole new world.   But that is another story……

Through the teen years, sometimes I liked flipping the calendar to a new month for a new picture, thinking somehow that would influence life.

As I grew older, I started viewing 31 December as a new beginning–a fresh start and changes to come.  Sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn’t.  Then one day, I heard my dad say “if you didn’t have a calendar, you wouldn’t know the difference”.  I was stunned.  How could this simple logic be true?  Slowly, I figured out he was right once again.

The date on the calendar does govern our lives but why do we wait to the new year to start making changes?  We could have a party every month for a new beginning.  Heck, we get midnight each day–why the 31 of December and why do we think the change of the calendar changes our lives?

The ancient Babylonians started this whole thing of resolutions about 4,000 years ago when the calendar started in March for planting.  Makes more sense to me than today’s standards on so many levels.  Then, about 46 BC, dear Julius Caesar changed the calendar for 1 January to start the new year–or Janus as it was known.  Can you imagine?  Your entire calendar system changing by 3 months?  We crab about the stupid time change for DST–which is a whole other blog that I WILL address–no wonder they knifed him.  And who would have agreed to this and how do you tell an entire non-cell-phone-internet-bearing-world that someone has changed the calendar?

Apparently, this was only used for the Roman calendar and was not widely accepted for centuries–documents even reflected both dates of the old and new calendars.  Those scribes–they were smarties!   Until the Gregorian calendar was put in place in 1525 and adjusted for the gain of days by lopping 11 extra off the year.  The British calendar went from Wednesday, September 2 to Thursday, September 14 just to make adjustment for the days.  Yikes.  Heck Russia didn’t switch over from 1752 calendar until 1918. By the way–China still does traditional New Year mid-February… just sayin’.

Clearly, history was filled with people trying to figure it out then as we try to figure it out now.

The Church allocates the seasons with colors and the green “ordinary time” being the longest color on the calendar.  What are you doing with your “ordinary time”.  Truth is, we are here for a minute and as the story goes, the headstone will have a start and an end date with a dash symbolizing your life in between.

Quit trying to wait until the “perfect time” as it doesn’t happen.  Do what’s right for you and be brave about it.  Make a decision and have the courage of your convictions as no one will live your life for you and people passing judgement on your life are in no position to do so. Be gentle with yourself and others. Make good decisions. Visit your parents–their calendar is ticking faster than yours.  Read some more and worry less. Focus on being happy. Relax. Breathe. Simplify.

Do something good for yourself. It will make you better and improve your world and the worlds of those around you.

Make it a good year.

Happy 2018! xoxo



  2 comments for “What is it about a change of calendar?

  1. Linda Jo Plummer
    December 31, 2017 at 1:37 am

    You need to relax, breathe and simplify, too!! At least take care of yourself!!

    • sue
      December 31, 2017 at 4:39 pm

      As I wrote that, I kept thinking it was a note to myself! I promise I am simplifying! xoxo

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