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What is it about a change of calendar?

Growing up, I loved seeing the new calendars arrive!  With joyful heart I would carefully flip through the months looking at all the photos first, then days of the important dates–birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Did Mom’s birthday fall on Mother’s Day this year?  Do I have the best month photo of the whole calendar? Usually not, as April months tended to… Read more →

Make mine Dia de Los Muertos!

Halloween.  People love, hate it or are indifferent. I did Trick or Treat for UNICEF growing up, but as a country kid with grandparents not in the area, never went trick or treating in the neighborhood.  I did win a costume contest for Sunday School party–wore my hot, miserable plastic mask and my dad’s flannel shirt and work gloves.  My LONG… Read more →

and the winner is……..

    Oscar Night! I used to love Oscar night and what it represented. The glamour! The glitz! The stunning dresses! Happily, those are making a comeback! Long before we had a color tv and the red carpet shows as now, my mom would make popcorn and we would settle in for a night of viewing and making our best… Read more →